A lost enamour, A broadly lit claustrophobic core, It's 2.a.m. or may be it's already four. I search the supporting arms for succour. But all I find is the cold stony floor---- Cut into pieces with the tears I bore, The whites now sanguine with the bloody skin I tore; The woundes---all festered and sore; … Continue reading ENAMOUR



A starry sky, On this wintry night, Who shines the brightest, I guess they fight. As alone I sit in the balcony--- THE FAULT IN OUR STARS lying side by. A mournful symphony, Or so is it just in my mind.   Holding the fresh brewed hot coffee, For at this hour, I prefer it … Continue reading LIKE THE STARS


FADED WISHES--- A POEM ABOUT LOST LOVE And from where I sit in my balcony, I see him standing across the lane, Making a conversation with Bethany, And upon my lips, a smile came; For she’s just a friend, And I am? His bestfriend.  His girlfriend.   Sometime later, I see her leave, I do … Continue reading FADED WISHES


You believed me when I told you, "I love you". What if someday i change? I tell you, trust me, I got the courage, "Sorry, I don't love you anymore!" Would you believe that too? Someone did oneday and therefore, It got reduced to "How do you do?" Would you let go? Would you walk … Continue reading IT’S NOT REGRET, IT’S HOPE