The waves washing over you, The froth buildng at your feet, The water leaving you in bliss, The twilight burning in the sky, The dusk calling out to the night, The stars lighting the tragic dark, The leaving rustling your name, The tides carrying you away, Away. Beyond the edges. Edges of life and … Continue reading SOMEWHERE YOU BELONG


  Dare to touch the skin You'll see yourself ablaze You'd find the blood dripping Unbeknownst whose it is You'd see the clouds shrouding the stars And hear the thunder scream The orb flipping its spin The sun setting in the east.   Dare to touch the heart You'll feel the passion flame And the … Continue reading TOUCH


    A darkened room, Or perhaps your life's doom. A bleak face, a provoked sadness, Desolate, in despair and distress. An occasional broken tear,    Trying to relinquish all the fear.  A misunderstood purpose, The world claims reality and you are in a hiatus.  A general indifference, Your words--all dismissed as nonsense.  Immature are … Continue reading SINS AND FLOWERS


FADED WISHES--- A POEM ABOUT LOST LOVE And from where I sit in my balcony, I see him standing across the lane, Making a conversation with Bethany, And upon my lips, a smile came; For she’s just a friend, And I am? His bestfriend.  His girlfriend.   Sometime later, I see her leave, I do … Continue reading FADED WISHES


You believed me when I told you, "I love you". What if someday i change? I tell you, trust me, I got the courage, "Sorry, I don't love you anymore!" Would you believe that too? Someone did oneday and therefore, It got reduced to "How do you do?" Would you let go? Would you walk … Continue reading IT’S NOT REGRET, IT’S HOPE