Dare to touch the skin You'll see yourself ablaze You'd find the blood dripping Unbeknownst whose it is You'd see the clouds shrouding the stars And hear the thunder scream The orb flipping its spin The sun setting in the east.   Dare to touch the heart You'll feel the passion flame And the … Continue reading TOUCH



A lost enamour, A broadly lit claustrophobic core, It's 2.a.m. or may be it's already four. I search the supporting arms for succour. But all I find is the cold stony floor---- Cut into pieces with the tears I bore, The whites now sanguine with the bloody skin I tore; The woundes---all festered and sore; … Continue reading ENAMOUR


    A darkened room, Or perhaps your life's doom. A bleak face, a provoked sadness, Desolate, in despair and distress. An occasional broken tear,    Trying to relinquish all the fear.  A misunderstood purpose, The world claims reality and you are in a hiatus.  A general indifference, Your words--all dismissed as nonsense.  Immature are … Continue reading SINS AND FLOWERS