Hey guys!

It’s been quite sometime since I made my appearance here. And now it’s been what? 2 years since I started this blog? Back then, it was a time I was trying still trying prepare myself for the big change that was about to come in my life: I was gonna leave home and move to a hostel for my college.

Portrait of a Sadhu on the ghats of Varansi

And somewhere in between trying to adjust to a new lifestyle and missing my home, I left what I started here.

No. Hang on. I am not gonna continue with this blabbering and elaborate a list of excuses as to why and how I couldn’t continue blogging. This happened, that happened. Not gonna give you that bullshit.

Then why am I here? To blog, yeah of course coz that’s what WordPress is for. But about what? I am here once again to share what I realized I loved the most. And from the title, you must have guessed it by now. Yes. Photography. Of people, in particular.

A man caring for the dogs on the ghats of the Ganges, Kolkata

If you go through my blog and reach the very first posts, you’d find I shared some pictures I had clicked a few years ago. It took me time and a little bit of practice to realize the hows and whys of the way I feel when I take a photo. Why everytime I go out with a camera in my hand I feel I’ve found home, why it elates me when I see a photograph getting appreciation from an experienced hand, why I smile when I remember the stories that follow a particlur picture.

Rituals on the ghats of Ganga, Kolkata

It is a feeling, I believe many will relate to. And probably many will not. But at the end of the day, it’s all about finding out what you love doing, what gives you happiness. For you, that might just be writing poems or baking cookies or playing guitar or taking pictures like me. Doesn’t always have to be what you’re pursuing as your career, it can always be a passion, a hobby that you’ve alive while you’re alive.

Charminar in old city Hyderabad

And now, let me tell you why I love taking pictures of people wherever I go. I have traveled quite a lot this past one and a half year. I’ve been to the mountains, to the beaches, to cities, and to villages. But what stood out of all these travels were the people of the place.

Flower valley in Khirai, West Bengal

Everywhere we go, we like to bring back memories, mostly in terms of beautiful, majestic, or serene views or souvenirs from the local markets. I love that too. I love all the snow capped mountains, the majestic waterfalls, the exotic flowers. I love the tranquil beaches, the sunrise and the sunsets or the stars in the clear mountain sky. They soothe me, kind of works like some magic with the power of healing. I once escaped to the beaches with a friend because I was too disturbed, felt that I’ve had too much of life and friends and parties and the lot. She readily agreed to accompany me though, a stealthy escape I’d say.

Kurseong, a small town in the Darjeeling Hills

But more than that, more than how nature manages to amaze me, I love to bring back memories in form of people, the people I encounter with, the ones that I talk to, the ones that I don’t but still remember the faces, the good ones, the not so good ones, the ones that I photograph, and even the ones that drive me away when I try to take their pictures (struggles, yeahhhh!! I get that quite often, particularly in quest of capturing the unconcious lot)

A man making tea in his shop in Howrah Flower Market

So here’s to people, to human beings for being the amazing creatures they are. Because people make places. People make communities. People make art. They are the culture. They are the history. They are the demographics. They are the nations. They are the world.

Stay strong!

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Keep being amazing, you guys! Good day to you!



P.S. All these photos were taken before the government of India declared a nationwide lockdown in the wake of the global pandemic.

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5 thoughts on “Photographing People: The Way I See The World

  1. Heyyy!!! It’s been soooooo long! How are you?? And when I say this, I really hope you are safe and in the best of your health!😊 Lemme tell you, (though you know this already 😛) these photographs are so raw and stunningly gorgeous!!😍🌸What have you been up to and where have you been all this while??? I wanna know all about it!

    Take care
    Love and loads of warm panda hugs🐼❤️
    Riddhima ❤️🌸


  2. Welcome back Charisma!
    Such vibrant and warm photos you’ve chosen oh!
    I personally relate to bringing back people as memories like you’ve said. It makes my memories of that place much more real and lively.
    I hope you’re safe and sound, healthy and happy!
    Looking forward to more gorgeous photography from you. ♡
    Take care!
    -Megha. 💜


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