The waves washing over you,
The froth buildng at your feet,
The water leaving you in bliss,
The twilight burning in the sky,
The dusk calling out to the night,
The stars lighting the tragic dark,
The leaving rustling your name,
The tides carrying you away,
Away. Beyond the edges.
Edges of life and edges of orb.
In a far away land of home-sickness.
A far away land of euphoric beauty.
A far away land of love and togetherness.
It’s somewhere you belong.
It’s somewhere your were born.
It’s somewhere your heart rests.
Once again you find your lost self.
Once again you are back to life.
Once again you are alive.


~~ by yours truly.

Hi everyone. I know it took me too long to post again but I am soon gonna upload an Update post and let y’ll know all that I did the last one month and what took me so long. Till then, smile and say cheeeese.

P.s. it’s me in the picture and if you are following me on Instagram, I am sorry. This poem might me a repition for you. Bear with me pleaseeeeee!!!!!!

Follow my art and photography account here on Instagram. And a second account I started recently for white themed photographs of me and flatlay photography:Β @dreams.and.aesthetics


16 thoughts on “SOMEWHERE YOU BELONG

    1. Thanks a lot Sameera. πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
      Admission isn’t complete yet. I’ll go to Shibpur IIEST with mechanical engineering. College starts 24th. And will get admission most likely on Friday.
      How are you??


  1. Hi my beautiful girl!! It’s been so long since I talked to you,read your magical writing.Each and every word you wrote is an absolute bliss to read,what can I say more? No word is capable enough to illustrate the wonder that lies in your writing and make a castle of enchantment.


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